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Neighborhood Resources

The AHNA Bylaws | Download here

The Arbor Hills Neighborhood Association has a group page on Facebook.

There is also a page on Next Door for our neighborhood.

Welcome Packet for new or potential neighbors.

Click here to download the Welcome Packet PDF

Non-Emergency dispatch phone number: (608) 255-2345

Membership Form | Download here

City of Madison


City of Madison Website

Police Department contact information

Report a Problem

Streets and Recycling

Brush Leaf and Yard Waste

Street Snow Removal and Transportation

Voting Resources

Where to vote:


Who/What is on the ballot:

Register to Vote: Online ( or in person on Election Day (you must provide a photo ID and proof of residence using documents with current name and address on them: examples include: a Wisconsin ID card, a bank statement or a utility bill).


Photo ID Required to Vote: Wisconsin law requires a photo ID – check this website to see what qualifies: (or call 866-868-3947). Don’t have an acceptable ID? You can vote using a provisional ballot (must submit a valid ID within three days after the election). To get an acceptable photo ID, visit the local Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles office or call 608-266-1069 (

Voting Resources
Other Resources


2024 AHNA Advertising Rate Sheet

Download here


Browse through all of the past AHNA approved budgets. Simply click on a budget link to download a copy.


Meeting Minutes
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