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Proposed Changes to the AHNA Bylaws

Click the document below to view the proposed AHNA Bylaws changes.

Download DOCX • 45KB

At the 2021 Annual meeting, we will propose a vote to approve changes to the association’s bylaws. This is the first revision since 2016. The major proposed changes are:

  1. Reorganized our purpose statement to prioritize our most important goal: To build community & foster inclusion by hosting events & communicating with the membership in Arbor Hills by holding social and recreational activities and by communicating with the membership. 

  2. Make the option for virtual meetings more explicit. 

  3. Revise the nomination/election process (the previous bylaws said that we should establish a nominating committee – which we have not done during my tenure on the board)

  4. Make the fact that we are a 501c3, and therefore cannot endorse political candidates, more explicit.

See the attached document for a full list of tracked changes in the bylaws.


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