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Notes from 7/7 MPD Captain’s Quarterly

Below is a summary of the Captain’s Quarterly led by MPD South District police captain Mike Hanson. Notes were taken by AHNA Board Member George Ermert.

  1. The meeting focused on the MPD strategic plan on how they are incorporating throughout the city (particularly in the South District) 

  2. One item of note is the “Steady Blue” program. MDP has heard many concerns from citizens that they don’t see them in neighborhoods, so this program will have them drive with just their Blue lights on while on patrol. It is a pilot program that is being used in neighborhoods 308 – 312 (which is Arbor Hills – Mooreland). The goal of this program is to have residents, and others, see police while they are driving around. 

  3. Another item of the Strategic Plan that is being implemented is the “Koper Curve” which will put more officers on foot patrol in certain areas (unclear where they are doing it, but it doesn’t seem to be Arbor Hills)

  4. MPD will also be starting a Traffic Lab in October. This will be a free “driving school” and place where people can get ticket remediation and other issues related to traffic safety resolved. 

  5. MPD is also working to build better relationships with the business owners currently in the Town of Madison. With the hiring decisions coming by the respective police departments at the end of July (Madison and Fitchburg), they want to make certain they have good relationships in their new areas. 

For more information, see the South Madison Strategic Plan.


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