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MPD Applying for COPS Hiring Program Grant

The Madison Police Department reached out to the AHNA to seek our support in their application for a federal COPS Hiring Program grant, which would fund eight additional officers as the City absorbs the Town of Madison in 2022.

The grant is designed to support “community-based approaches to reduce crime and increase perceptions of safety, break down barriers between youth and police, create better understanding of the police function in communities of color, reduce racial disparities reflected in our arrest rates, create and expand programs to divert youth from the criminal justice system (restorative justice, community courts, etc.), and enlist parents, educators, advocates and community leaders to promote wrap-around support for youth beginning in elementary school and continuing throughout their growth and development.”

Grant recipients must comply with a list of requirements, including banning chokeholds in most cases and not using no-knock warrants for drug-related investigations.

Because of our association’s focus on creating inclusive spaces for all residents, the Board decided to support this grant request by writing the attached letter of support. If you have any questions about the Association’s decision, reach out to If you are interested in learning more about the grant generally, reach out to Mike Hanson at


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