Calendar of Events
Important Numbers

The Arbor Hills Neighborhood is located in Madison, WI.  The Arbor Hills Neighborhood Association was organized in August 1967, we have been active for over 40 years.   Arbor Hills is a family friendly neighborhood with many green spaces for your enjoyment - Cannonball Bike Path, Knollwood Conservatory, and Arbor Hills Park.  Arbor Hills has been awarded the distinction of Tree City USA for 17 plus years.  We are fortunate to be nestled next to the Arboretum, so we can enjoy nature's wonder all year round.  All it takes is one visit to Arbor Hills for you to understand that there is no place like Arbor Hills.

Spring is around the corner or so they say.  In the meantime, please keep your sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Our neighbors enjoy walking even in the winter months. 

1.  SPRING CLEAN UP is around the corner - Saturday, April 18, 2015:  We need volunteers for our Annual Spring Clean Up (aka:  Earth Day).  We meet at Arbor Hills Park on Pelham Rd. This is a family friendly event but all is welcome to join in the activity.  Please call Lelah - Event Coordinator at 608-770-9258 or e-mail at lelahjensen@gmail.com to volunteer.

2.  Our Annual Garage Sale date will be announced soon.  The garage sale will be in June this year.

3.  46th Annual July 4th Picnic and Parade will begin on July 4th at 10 am on Grandview Blvd and Nottingham Way. (see event tab)

4.  Our 7th Annual Bike Ride and Picnic will be held in August 15, 2015.  Date/Time TBD.

5.  Calling for volunteers:
To volunteer for one of our events and/or submit your ideas for a neighborhood activity - contactLelah at 770-9258 or e-mail lelahjenson@gmail.com

Interested in being a Board member - contact Sheri at 698-6027 or e-mail myarborhills@gmail.com

We need block captain volunteers for the following streets:
               1. 3001 - 3021 Churchill Dr.
               2. 3022 - 3029 Churchill Dr.
               3. Leyton Circle
               4. Leyton Lane
               5. 3200 - 3410 Nottingham Way
               6. 2930 - 3012 Todd Drive
               7. 3017 - 3022 Todd Drive
               8. 3025 - 3213 Todd Drive
For more information about being a block captain, please contact Franck at jrsfmm@aol.com

Don't Forget to Pick Up After Your Dog!

Please love your neighbor the same as you love your dog! 
If your dog stops and drops. Then you need to bend and pick up. 
Your neighbors should not have to pick up after your dog.
Always carry a plastic bag or other device with you when walking your dog. 

THANK YOU to all of our association members, block captains and board members for supporting the neighborhood as we maintain the traditions that make Arbor Hills the best place to live in Madison and the Town of Madison!