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Streetlights in Arbor Hills Survey – due March 8th

The city held an Arbor Hills neighborhood lighting meeting on February 15, and the slides are now available on the city’s website here:

The slides show proposed locations for new street lights to be added in our neighborhood, a request made by several of you at past association meetings.

IMPORTANT: If your house is in a Petition Zone, you can complete the survey below by March 8 to indicate your support or concerns with the proposed lighting locations.

Here are the households in a Petition Zone (also displayed visually on slide 9, linked above):

  1. 3106-3121 Todd Dr

  2. 2809-3018 Post Road

  3. 2909-3002 Pelham Road

  4. 3302-3322 Leyton Lane and 3130 Grandview Blvd

  5. 3309 Kingston Dr and 3102-3118 Leyton Lane

  6. 3209-3318 Sandwood Way and 3301-3318 Westview Lane

  7. 2806-2925 Wimbledon Way and 3305-3318 Derby Down

Reach out to Alder Sheri Carter at with any questions or concerns.


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