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Brush Collection Over for 2022

This is a reminder that brush collection is over for 2022. Leaves are starting to be picked up throughout the city. Below is an excerpt from the web page about brush collecting being complete for 2022. If you want to know more about leaf collection follow this link

Madison residents should not place brush at the curb for pickup at this time. Opportunities to set out brush for curbside pickup are over until the spring of 2023.

Nearly all Madison neighborhoods have received their five guaranteed opportunities for curbside brush collection opportunities for 2022.

As of the publication of this release, Streets Division crews are at work performing the final curbside pickup for the far west side neighborhoods who were directed to set brush out on Sunday, October 2, 2022. Residents on the far west side should not set more brush out for pickup at this time as crews may have already been by your home.

More information can be seen by viewing the link below.



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