Finding Community While Staying Apart


Last week, a neighbor sent me a photo of the fun sidewalk art on Ashford full of hopeful and quirky quotes. Then someone let me know about the "block parties" happening on Irvington Way - where all neighbors stay safely apart and use megaphones to talk to each other. And yesterday, on a walk with my husband and our dog - which we're taking at an increased frequency now that it's our only excuse to get out -  we stopped and chatted with a neighbor (at a safe distance) for at least half an hour.


It got me thinking about how we're all finding creative ways to continue to connect while we're staying home. Even as we're all feeling anxious in the midst of the scary news and uncertainty, people are taking the time to get out the sidewalk chalk to bring a smile to their neighbors' faces.


In the spring edition of the Arbor Hills newsletter, I'd like to include a feature about all of the ways people across the neighborhood are finding ways to help one another and connect. It can be anything - maybe you're a crafter who is making masks for people who need them, or teaching classes virtually, or offering your time and talents in other ways to help. Or maybe you just appreciated finally having a conversation with that person down the street you'd never met before. 


Please send your suggestions to  - I'll take them through May 5. This could be in the form of a photo, a short note, or a longer written piece.


I'm looking forward to seeing all of your examples and sharing them with the neighborhood.


Stay well, 
Ashley Gibson
AHNA Newsletter Editor

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