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Join our neighborhood association!

Why join the Arbor Hills Neighborhood Association? Neighbors will tell you there are four reasons.

1. Your small annual fee of $20 helps fund community events, such as our spring cleanup and July picnic in our park and support for our neighborhood school, Leopold Elementary.

2. Paid membership increases your "voice" when your board deals with local politicians and public officials, which it does on a regular basis to improve public safety in Arbor Hills, promote investments in street lights, effective zoning laws, and economic development on our community borders.

3. The association is able to organize teams of residents and tap into neighbors who are experts in such areas as preserving home values, minimizing crime, improving quality of education in schools our children attend, and lobby for improved transportation and parks.

4. Membership in an active, vibrant association such as ours improves the citywide positive perception of Arbor Hills as a desirable place to live and to raise our children. The AHNA has been active--and effective--for over 60 years! So, be part of the action, get your say, and shape your quality of life in Arbor Hills.

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